Rehabilitation Contract Reports

Rehabilitation Contract reports are due on the 4th of the month
(Reports for the January reporting period are due February 4th.) 

Fax reports to:  720.213.1007  or    720.213.0002  

Email reports to: 

Notice to clients: Standard email is an unsecured method of correspondence; therefore reports submitted via this method may be at risk for interception. PAS uses ZixCorp encryption for all email communication with clients.

Participants may choose one of the four Self-Status Reports to submit each reporting period, it is not necessary to submit all four versions.

 Addictionologist Report 

Annual History & Physical 

Meeting Verification

Group Meeting Verification 

Opiate Replacement Therapy Report

Pain Management Provider Report 

PDMP Record Request – Email Receipt 

Psychiatrist Report 

Self Status 

Self Status Education Employment Report 

Self Status Monthly Recovery Plan 

Self Status Wellness Plan 

Sponsor Report 

Therapist Report

Therapist-Psychologist Report 

Treatment Provider Report